The Meeting Lab is not only an exceptional venue but also a team of fantastic people at your service.  Their speciality?  Assisting you with the utmost care and attention throughout each and every step of your meeting.

  • Cécile

    Head of the clan at the Meeting Lab is Cécile Cestan, who has been the Manager since the very outset.  Her talent?  She welcomes you as if into her own home, with generosity, thoughtfulness and style.  Attentive to every little detail, Cécile is always on the lookout for new ideas to brighten up your day even further.

  • Raphaël

    Everything seems so easy when it works!  But you need deft skills, nerves of steel and a great deal of responsiveness to remove any chance of something going awry with the internet connection, projection or broadcasting…
    This is the expertise of Raphaël Dimanche, Meeting Lab’s technical and logistics coordinator who remains by your side during your events.

  • Ophélie

    Ophélie Bellone will make you love the Meeting Lab even before you’ve seen it.  
    In charge of sales development, she puts all her energy and enthusiasm into what she does.  If you’ve already spoken to Ophélie over the phone, you’ve probably already heard her smile!

  • Martine

    The Meeting Lab Chef, who rules over everyone in the kitchen!
    Martine Flous is a generous, enthusiastic and authentic cook. She carefully selects the fresh produce used to prepare her delicious seasonal fare. Always eager to please, she works on her dishes day after day, until they are absolutely perfect. Don’t hesitate to tell her what you fancy to eat!